How would you describe your style?

I really care about identifying my style as something not static but in continuous evolution. I could say it is “various” because I love to approach blackwork through different techniques like alternating black blocks and dot work until getting to the engraving, which is used a lot in my last works. I always look for more recognition in my work and I think this is a goal that brings together all the tattoo artists.

How has social media influenced your tattooing?

I think social medias are a very big communication key, nowadays, especially in our sector. I started tattooing when those communication channels were already used.  They have been an integral part of my journey, giving me a 360° vision of the tattooing world, allowing me to be influenced by different artists and styles. I think, to conclude, that without social media, tattoos would not be such a “viral phenomenon.”

If you could tattoo any person, living or dead, who would it be, and what would you tattoo on them?

If my grandfather was alive, he’s the one. I really would have liked him to get tattooed by me. Sadly, he couldn’t see my carrer as a tattoo artist. I’m pretty sure he would have left me free choice about the subject, like a chrysanthemum, a skull or maybe an animal, all favorite subjects of mine.

Who would you like to get tattooed by?

Nowadays there are so many great talented tattoo artists, that it’s difficult for me to choose only one name.  I can’t think of any one artist as I  appreciate different artists and styles, from traditional to blackwork.

Do you make other art?

I love art in 360°!

Beside tattoos, I like illustrations using big markers, and customizing sneakers.

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