How would you describe your style? 

It’s basically blackwork, since it’s all black ink. The way I draw and the way I do designs for a tattoo is always thinking in black or in grey scales. Also, it’s heavily influenced by antique engravings, medieval art and classic paintings. 

How has social media influenced your tattooing? 

My experience in the industry and with tattooing itself is very little until now- I’ve only  been tattooing for two and a half  years. So social media has been there from my beginings. Instagram, for example, has been an amazing tool to share my work and also to be able to get to know more amazing tattooers that I can learn from. 

If you could tattoo any person, living or dead, who would it be, and what would you tattoo on them? 

I would love to tattoo my grandmother, whatever she wants. 

Who would you like to get tattooed by? 

I think there’s a lot of great tattooers, but at the moment I would love to get a piece from Abby Drielsma, which is an Australian tattooer that I admire a lot. 

Do you make other art?

At the moment, I am concentrating only on tattooing.